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Home Cleaning

Whether you need Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or One-Time Cleaning, it's time to discover the magic of M & E Spotless Cleaning. Your home will be cleaned to your highest expectations by our trained professionals at surprisingly affordable rates.  With our customers, we follow our 55-Point Checklist. View Checklist

Oven Cleaning

Need an Inside Oven Sparkle Clean? No need to worry M & E Spotless Cleaning Services got you covered.  Inside the empty oven, we spray the inside walls and oven door with our best oven clean products, leaving it to do its tricks. We then pay close attention to the racks cleaning them to perfection. Once that is done its time to finish cleaning the oven using our sponge and microfiber rags. Leaving the racks and inside your oven squeaky clean.

Window Cleaning

Refrigerator Cleaning

Also need an Inside Refrigerator spotless clean for your next grocery run? No need to worry M & E Spotless Cleaning Service got you covered. Cleaning from the top shelf down to the bins. Removing every spills and crumb using our sponges, microfiber rags and cleaning products; arranging all the food in an organized and attractive manner.  We do not clean inside freezers with food inside.

Window Cleaning

M & E Spotless Cleaning Services offer Steam Cleaning Service for residential and commercial spaces.  Window cleaning includes interior windows and windowsills for residential locations; we can do the exterior of the window if fold in.  Last but not least, your windows are touched with a dash of brilliance from our streak-free products.

Our Services include: Commercial Cleaning | Carpet Cleaning | Residential Cleaning

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